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Example book review essay

Example book review essay

Is it coherent? Guns, Germs, and Steel sets out to tell the history for the last 13, years. By introducing such example book review essay, you let readers guess what will happen and so invite them to read the book to see if they guessed it right. Book Review Who Moved My Cheese. It also provides them with the chance not only to criticize but also to give constructive criticism on how they can make improvements.

What is a good book review?

They are highly individual because everything stated is your personal view and what the book meant to you as an individual. Because of this, there are no hard and fast rules as to how to write an essay of this type — so advice given is more of a general guideline. This kind of assignment can vary in length from as little as 50 words to around The whole reason for writing one is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the book. Remember, that book review essay writing is not a summary of what the book is about. The aim is to state your personal opinion as example book review essay what the author is trying to get across, how well or not they have done it and your evidence to support this. You can check a book review essay example provided below for better understanding on how it is supposed to be done.

Nobody expects you to be more experienced about the book than the author is, but your careful observations can provide you with the ground for reasonable judgments on how to write a book review essay. How to Write a Book Review. Whilst it depends on the subject of the book, and whether it is fiction or non-fiction, all of them should consist of the following:. More detailed information and specific advice is given below under the non-fiction and fiction titles. Begin your book review essay writing with a statement, example book review essay.

As discussed above, this gives the essential information about the book. Here you can get into the background of the author. For example, their personal history and political views might be relevant as to why they have presented their work in the way they have. As with any essayexample book review essay, this kind of assignment should be analyzing the subject matter from the very start. Your opening sentence is important — so make sure it stands out and encourages the reader to continue. Look at the title — does it suggest anything to you? The author will have chosen the title with great care, because to them this should draw people to want to read the book, example book review essay.

But what does it mean to you as the reader? What point of view is the book written from? First person, second or third? Perhaps it uses more than one point of view, in which case, what is the author trying to achieve by doing this? Why do you think the author wrote on example book review essay particular subject? What is their aim — to entertain, to educate, to put across a personal opinion? As you can see, background information is very important when writing a book review. Try to incorporate as much as you can from the beginning of the essay as this will help when you begin to put across your example book review essay for analysis. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, example book review essay, and the next thing you know your book review essay writing completion date is looming.

This is where we come in and provide you with a book review essay example can create a custom essay specifically for your needs. So whether you need your book review for next week or even the next day, we can help. While your book review essay is not a summary of what the book is about, you will need to provide a short analytical paragraph or two to explain it. Consider the table of contents as this will show how the author has organized the book. For example, example book review essay, is it in chronological order, example book review essay, or perhaps arranged around various topics?

Take into account the main topics covered by the book and briefly explain these in your summary, along with any other major points and conclusions. Writing a review for a non-fiction book differs slightly from that of a fictional work, example book review essay. The following points are aspects you should take into consideration — but always remember that example book review essay key point is a personal evaluation. You can also consider if the author uses enough references, the style and tone of the bookwhether it helps you to understand the subject and whether anything new has been brought to your attention from reading it, example book review essay. Define the market that the book is aimed towards, and analyze whether you think it manages this.

For books which are technical in subject, you may analyze whether the words and terminology used appropriate for the intended audience? Fictional type gives even more of an opportunity for the evaluator to get personal. Very importantlydid you enjoy the book? Whether yes or no, discuss what it was about the writing that made you feel this way. Looking for an exceptional company to do some custom writing for you? Look no further than ProfEssays. You simply place an order with the writing instructions you have been given, and before you know it, your essay or term paper, completely finished and unique, will be completed and sent back to you.

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Here you can find some real-life examples to get a feel of how great reviews are composed. The following are some helpful book review examples that you can go through to improve your critical thinking skills. College students often find it difficult to write an impressive book review. If you are one of those, refer to the following examples to help you write a perfect book review. University-level book reviews are different from high school and college reviews. Read the following example of a book review and understand what elements are needed for writing a great book review.

The first step is to plan and create an outline that includes all the points that you will have to cover in the review. What is the book about? Write about the main characters and what is the conflict that is discussed in the book. If you need to submit a book review soon, we suggest you start reading some book reviews online. Here you can also find some good book review writing examples to understand how to craft each section of a book review. An introduction is the first part that your reader will interact with. It should be composed in a way that can grab their attention right away. Check out these examples and see what an attention-grabbing book review introduction looks like. A thesis statement is one of the key parts of a book review that should be carefully crafted.

The following examples will help you get an idea of writing a perfect thesis statement. A conclusion is the last part where you need to sum up all the ideas and make the final judgment. Remember this is the section where you are not allowed to introduce any new topic. You can refer to these examples for your better understanding. A book review is a critical evaluation of the book, movie, or any other literary work. It has two goals: the first is to inform the readers about the content of the book, and the second is to evaluate your judgment about the book. A book review is more than a book report. A review is basically a critical essay that evaluates the merits of a literary work. The purpose of writing a book review is not to prove that you have read a book but to show that you think critically about the chosen book.

That said, every book reviewer will face a familiar panic: how can you do justice to a great book in just a thousand words? As you know, the best way to learn how to do something is by immersing yourself in it. Luckily, the Internet i. Goodreads and other review sites , in particular has made book reviews more accessible than ever — which means that there are a lot of book reviews examples out there for you to view! In this post, we compiled 17 prototypical book review examples in multiple genres to help you figure out how to write the perfect review. If you want to jump straight to the examples, you can skip the next section. Are you interested in becoming a book reviewer? We recommend you check out Reedsy Discovery , where you can earn money for writing reviews — and are guaranteed people will read your reviews!

To register as a book reviewer, sign up here. Like all works of art, no two book reviews will be identical. But fear not: there are a few guidelines for any aspiring book reviewer to follow. Most book reviews, for instance, are less than 1, words long, with the sweet spot hitting somewhere around the 1,word mark. In addition, all reviews share some universal elements, as shown in our book review templates. These include:. This will differ from platform to platform, of course. A book review on Goodreads, for instance, will be much more informal and personal than a book review on Kirkus Reviews, as it is catering to a different audience. Maybe the author is affiliated to some entity or idea that makes him or her push the agenda despite lack of evidence?

If you evaluate a scholarly book in such a way of demonstrating critical thinking , a good mark is already in your pocket. Mention the writing style — clear and simple or complex language with lots of literary devices. Use some citations, but carefully, not too much, especially if you write for a blog. Here you will recap all you have said in a sentence or two — you recommend the book because it is well written and interesting, amusing or true-to-life, or you do not recommend it because of so-and-so. You may also mention what category of readers will like it and why. Or you can say what readers will benefit most from it if the book is academic.

If you still cannot fathom how to put everything together and need some assistance, you can always rely on us in writing a book review template. Our writers at Cosmoessay will create a sample according to your clear-cut specifications so that is demonstrated how exactly YOUR paper should look like. Below you can have a glimpse at already created papers that overview different books. They are diverse, but they can give you an understanding of how to begin or end the paper. Besides, you will see what level of expertise you can tap into when you order essays from us.

We urge you to look at them and find a guide you need so much. We hope that we have organized everything properly and now you fully understand how to go about a book review task. If no, it is not a problem either. We at cosmoessay. com provide all kinds of services regarding book-related papers, whether reviews, analysis or reports. Pick the type you need, specify the book, number of pages, and leave the rest to us. You will get a perfectly crafted paper for a very reasonable price and will get yourself some free time as well. Refreshed and rested, you will be better at learning and processing new material, so take our help as a necessary tool for our academic success!

Book Review Examples — why should I use them? Table of contents. Book Review — Introduction Book Review — Far Beyond Summary Book Review — Conclusion Examples of a book review Conclusion.

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